Animation for MotionGenesis Kane

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New & free: Web-enabled Animation for MotionGenesis Kane
MAC, PC/Windows, Linux - in Beta development
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Older: Animake™ for MotionGenesis Kane   (Windows only)

With a few mouse clicks, ANIMAKE™ puts your system into motion!
  • Works seamlessly with MotionGenesis - just add the Animate command to a MotionGenesis file
  • Control position and orientation of objects with the mouse
  • Vary lighting conditions, animation frame speed, etc. with drop-down menus
  • Attach multiple primitive shapes, e.g., blocks, cylinders, shells, cones, and spheres, to each MotionGenesis RigidBody
  • Parametrically define the dimensions and appearance of objects in terms of MotionGenesis-defined constants
  • Comprehensive on-line help and easy installation (just run setup.exe)
  • See an   .avi movie   created with Animake.

Animake prices and ordering information
Taxes, packing and shipping charges are included for U. S. customers.
Customers outside the U. S. add $10 for shipping.
Animake is available only on Windows 98/NT4/2000/XP.
Animake is purchased separately (not free with MotionGenesis purchases).
Animake is made by Kane Dynamics, Inc. (not Motion Genesis LLC).
If you have questions: Contact Motion Genesis
Limited version   $195
(7 bodies and 15 objects)
Professional version   $895
(20 bodies and 100 objects)
User-friendly ANIMAKE interface

To Download Animake for Windows 98/NT4/2000/XP
  1. Create a folder (directory) on your hard drive, e.g., C:\Animake
  2. Download the   self-extracting executable file   to that folder
  3. Double-click on the self-extracting executable.
  4. Click OK, click UnZip, click OK, then Close.
  5. Double-click on AnimDemo.exe to invoke Animake
  6. Follow the AnimDemo Help instructions
  7. Try the demo version
  8. If you have Windows Vista/7/8/10, you may have to   download a program from Microsoft   to enable Animake's Help System.
  9. Contact Motion Genesis   for a licensed version