MotionGenesis: Senior Consultant Doug Schwandt

Doug Schwandt was born in Missoula Montana and grew up in Eugene Oregon. Doug received two bachelors degrees (B.A. Liberal Arts and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering) from Columbia University, followed by a masters degree (M.S. in Mechanical Engineering) from Stanford University.

Doug has focused on design for special needs. Doug worked as a biomedical engineer at the Palo Alto VA Rehab R&D Center for 25 years developing products and research devices for disabled, including the arm-powered Handbike, Sunburst tandem, RALPH finger-spelling robotic hands for deaf/blind, hyper/hypo gravity simulation devices and specialty cycle ergometers.

Doug has consulted on many projects including the development of exercise concepts for long-term space travel at NASA, MRI compatible fixtures and mobility devices at Stanford, the KineAssist robotic assist for physical therapy, the DARPA bionic arm at Kinea Design, the Rehab Institute of Chicago, and Alter-G's G-Trainer.

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Doug has done engineering design and biomedical engineering for the Palo Alto VA Rehabilitation R&D center, NASA, DARPA/Kinea Design, Alter-G, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Watson Furniture Group, Lucile Packard Children's hospital, Physical Therapy at Marquette, Northwestern, and University of British Columbia, Radiology at Stanford School of Medicine, Daedalus, Whipsaw, Innovate, Innovision, Akros Solutions/Ability Design, Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Stanford Electrical Engineering, Recreation Mobility Inc., CH2M, DuPont, Stanford Center for Design Research, ...

Doug has been a keynote speaker at international design forums, including the Japan External Trade Organization (Okayama, Japan) for Development of Medical and Health Care Industries to medical product company leaders, hospital directors, federal labs, university scientists, and government planners. Doug was also a Design Specialist-in-Residence for Design USA for the former USSR.

Doug is an avid bicyclist and aircraft pilot and his passion for the dynamics of human movement includes years of coaching diving at Stanford.

Doug joined   Motion Genesis   as a Senior Consultant in 2010, providing mechanical design of research devices and products, mostly related to human movement. He has extensive experience with rapid concept generation, SolidWorks 3D CAD, and prototype development.

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