MotionGenesis: Senior Consultant Michael Sherman

Michael Sherman (Sherm) is a computer scientist and entrepreneur with a long track record of innovative solutions to difficult architectural, implementation, and performance problems in physics-based simulation software. He developed the widely-used commercial tools SD/FAST and Pro/Mechanica Motion, was chief architect of the NIH-funded open source, object-oriented biosimulation toolkit SimTK and multibody code Simbody, and co-founded biomolecular simulation startup Protein Mechanics.

Sherm specializes in high-performance internal coordinate multibody dynamics and associated symbolic and numerical methods, including high fidelity and approximate real time methods. He has worked professionally on simulations in mechanical and aerospace engineering, bio- and molecular mechanics, robotics, animation, virtual worlds, and gaming.

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"I enjoy designing and building best-of-class software tools for physically-based simulation of mechanical and biomechanical systems at all scales: spacecraft to nanomachines; humans to biomolecules.

My goal is to achieve fidelity, speed, robustness, and simplicity sufficient to enable people in a wide variety of fields to employ physical simulation to make novel discoveries, solve engineering problems, learn new concepts, communicate ideas, entertain, or just have wicked fun."