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Professor Thomas R. Kane   taught mechanics and computation for 45 years, has published 10 textbooks and 172 technical papers, and is the preeminent expert and author of modern dynamics theory (known as "Kane Dynamics").

Dr. Kane joined   Motion Genesis   as a Senior Consultant in 2010 to bring symbolic manipulation to engineers and the engineering classroom. Specialization includes providing motion expertise to the biomechanical, legal, and defense industries.

"MotionGenesis makes it possible to teach, learn, and practice mechanics in an exceptionally effective way because, in addition to saving the user a great deal of time and effort, it furnishes excellent means for communicating mechanics ideas with clarity and precision."

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Dr. Paul Mitiguy   develops fast, compact, symbolic and numerical mathematics -- for calculators to computers. Dr. Mitiguy has published 4 textbooks and 23 technical papers and developed 5 commercial motion-simulation software programs, translated into 12 languages and used by millions of people worldwide.

Paul teaches at all levels from professional training for experts in forces and motion to Middle/High-School STEM curriculum and in-service training. Paul is a consulting professor at Stanford University, having taught statics, dynamics, control, vibration, and design of dynamic systems, simulation of biological structures, and advanced dynamics & simulation.

"I use MotionGenesis daily. Everything from balancing my checkbook, to creating algorithms to embed in commercial software programs such as Working Model and Interactive Physics or interface with CAD (Pro/E, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, AutoDesk) and FEA (Nastran) programs. MotionGenesis helps me integrate control-systems with MATLAB/Simulink, create, test and validate commercial codes, and create content for educational products."

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Dr. Arun Banerjee   has been an engineer and Principal Research Scientist for technology companies, including Northrop Services, Martin Marietta Aerospace, Ford Aerospace, and Lockheed-Martin. Arun teaches various spacecraft and dynamics at four Universities, has published 36 journal papers, given invited lectures in international conferences, and has received numerous awards and honors as a world-wide expert in efficient Order-N flexible-body dynamics.

Dr. Banerjee joined Motion Genesis as a Senior Consultant in 2010 and specializes in modeling, dynamics, and control of flexible systems (tethers, parachutes, satellites, solar panels, rockets, robots, etc.)

"MotionGenesis facilitates simulating multibody dynamic systems and make it possible to develop C, Fortran, and MATLAB codes for control systems integration."

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Doug Schwandt   has done engineering design and biomedical engineering for the Palo Alto VA Rehabilitation R&D center, NASA, DARPA/Kinea Design, Alter-G, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, ...

Doug's award-winning products and patents include the arm-powered Handbike, Sunburst tandem, RALPH finger-spelling robot, hyper/hypo gravity devices, specialty cycle ergometers, long-term space exercise equipment, MRI compatible fixtures, mobility devices, robotic-assist physical therapy machines, DARPA's bionic arm, and Alter-G's G-Trainer.

Doug Schwandt joined Motion Genesis as a Senior Consultant in 2010 and specializes in modeling, mechanical design, SolidWorks CAD/CAE (computer-aided drawing/engineering), rapid concept and prototype generation, and bio-devices.

"Motion Genesis has shown to be a very useful tool, promising excellent insight into the dynamics of my various design projects."

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Kurt Anderson is a engineer and RPI mechanical engineering professor specializing in large dynamic systems. His research includes dynamics and control of complex multibody systems (with emphasis on large flexible aerospace systems) through use of efficient low operational order algorithms and parallel computing.

Kurt joined Motion Genesis as a Senior Consultant in 2011 and specializes in mechanical, aerospace, and bio-mechanical engineering. Kurt is frequently engaged by government and large mechanical, aerospace, and defense companies.

Kurt has received numerous prestigious awards and is well known as a leader in the fields of multibody dynamics and high-performance computing.

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