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Each   Motion Genesis Senior Consultant   has more than 20 years and 20,000 hours of core competency providing effective and efficient solutions for industries engaged in CAE (computer-aided engineering), control-system integration, bioengineering, energy, agriculture, transportation, defense, space exploration, machines, appliances, biomedicine, exercise, education, litigation, and entertainment.

We help our clients with strategic initiatives and help them succeed with
their cases and projects, within their organization, and with their customers.
In consultation with our client, we analyze systems and build software tools.
For example, we use dynamics, controls, CAE, and software tools to:

  • Provide input for design, control, analysis, and litigation
  • Develop mathematical models of mechanical systems
  • Create computationally efficient computer simulation programs
  • Create software tailored to client-specified requirements
  • Simulate motion, determine forces, and integrate with control systems
  • Generate equations of motion in symbolic and embedable form
  • Do parametric studies and performance predictions
  • Present results in various forms (tabulated data, plots, animation, etc.)
MotionGenesis Senior Consultants
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Software development Simulation validation Machine & mechanism design Symbolic math (calculators to computers)
Accident reconstruction Expert witness and litigation Computer input/output devices Video-games/virtual reality
Alternative transportation Alternative energy Human and animal analysis Structural analysis
Biomedical/dental instruments Prosthetic devices Assistive equipment Rehabilitative equipment
Automobiles and trucks Recreational vehicles Motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Tricycles and 4-wheel vehicles
Aircraft Spacecraft Ships and watercraft Military equipment
Plows and tractors Backhoes and cranes Construction tools Agricultural/farm equipment
Energy generation Energy conversion Wind/oil/gas/coal equipment Drilling & energy exploration
Generators and motors Propulsion systems Turbines Actuators (force and torque)
Gears and bearings Packing equipment Food-handling equipment Robotics and control systems
Printers & computer devices Position & rate sensors Baggage-handling machines Vibration isolators/stabilizers
Artificial gravity Space exploration Exercise equipment Laundry & kitchen equipment
Numerical simulation Vibration analysis Control system design Optimization

Systems may have a wide range of joint types and interaction force/torques (e.g., friction, motors, muscles, etc.) specified motion, open and closed chains, nonholonomic constraints, and control laws. Representative examples include robots, manipulators, spacecraft, road vehicles, mechanisms, machinery, and human subjects.