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MotionGenesis Kane Installation and Licensing
For Macintosh Computers
  MotionGenesis: F=ma FAQ
Contact Motion Genesis   if one of the following steps could not be completed  (provide the step #).
Note: Sometimes GateKeeper security warnings are issued when installing or starting the software.
  1. If you have Parallels for Windows installed on your Macintosh computer,
    consider instead downloading for PC/Windows (it is easier).
  2. If you already have a MotionGenesis folder (e.g., in /Applications),  rename  it to MotionGenesisOld.
    Otherwise, the new installation may  OVERWRITE  all  YOUR  files in the MotionGenesis folder.
  3. Optional: To plot with MotionGenesis, you may need to download/install Java JDK (not JRE).
    To plot, you may also need to  download/install Quartz X11,  then logout, then re-login.
    More help for  Macintosh plotting  (after you finish the installation below).
  4. Download
      • Double-click on
      • The folder  MotionGenesis  should appear.
  5. Drag/move the  MotionGenesis  folder to your computer's  Applications  folder.
  6. On your computer, change to the  MotionGenesis  folder.
    Double-click on  MotionGenesisStartHere  to start in demo mode.
    • Or try Control-click on  MotionGenesisStartHere
    • Or try Right-click on  MotionGenesisStartHere
    • Select  "Open"  and follow on-screen instructions.
    • Still have Gatekeeper  "damaged file"  or  "cannot open"  message?
  7. Software license problems ?   (if not skip this item) .
    Note: Have you purchased a MotionGenesis™ Kane  software license  or a  NEW textbook  bundled with MotionGenesis™ Kane?
    • A.   Ensure the MotionGenesis  USER  is the person logged into the computer (usually true, so OK to move ahead).
            Note: MotionGenesis™ is usually licensed to a single user.
    • B.   The license agreement should appear.   Type  Y  (YES)   if you agree.
    • C.   Type  Y  in response to the question:   "Do you want to request a license?   (Y/N):"
            If this question does not appear, type   License   at the MotionGenesis command prompt.
    • D.   Enter a single letter  a - f   for license version (e.g., Student or Professional).
    • F.   Enter your name and the name of your organization/school (or "Home" or "None").
    • F.   Use your mouse to  HIGHLIGHT  the on-screen ComputerID.
    • H.   Press  Ctrl-C  to copy the on-screen ComputerID to the computer's clipboard.
    • I.   Paste  that ComputerID into an e-mail to  MotionGenesis  (e.g., use Ctrl-V to paste).
    • J.   In 24 business hours, receive an e-mail from MotionGenesis with attached file MGLicense.txt.
            If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder, resend your e-mail license request to  MotionGenesis,   and/or  call us.
            Download the file  MGLicense.txt  to your computer and move that file to your computer's  MotionGenesis  folder.
    • K.   Redo steps  #5#6A,  #6B  above.
    • L.   If any on-screen licensing error messages appear, please send them to  MotionGenesis.
  8. To quit, type  exit  at the MotionGenesis™ line prompt.
  9. Do some of the two minute  Get-Started exercises.
  MotionGenesis Download for Macintosh

If you encounter problems, please see:   MotionGenesis Installation and License Video

Optional: Click  here  for help creating a Macintosh terminal