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MotionGenesis Kane: multiuser installation
and licensing for PC/Windows computers
  MotionGenesis: F=ma FAQ

  1. Follow these directions to install.
  2. The person who installs the software should have proper privileges.
  3. Respond to:   "Do you want to request a license?   (Y/N):"     by typing   N   (no).
    Instead, at the MotionGenesis line prompt, type   LicenseNetwork
  4. Enter a single letter   n - s   for license version (e.g., Student or Professional).
  5. End-user and/or computer/IT administrators are responsible for all computer security.
    We recommend the software be installed on a computer/account with restricted privileges as all users who access the software may have privileges at least equal to the account under which the software is installed. All users who access the software must have read/write privileges for the file MGLicense.txt.
    For a MotionGenesis server/network version, multiple computer accounts (or people) need access to the file MGLicense.txt. To change read/write permissions for MGLicense.txt, consider the following.
    • Navigate to C:\MotionGenesis (the folder containing MGLicense.txt).
    • Right-click on the file MGLicense.txt and select "Properties" from the context menu.
    • Click on the "Security" tab.
    • Click on "Users" from the "Group or user names" section and
      press the "Edit" button to open the "Edit Permissions" window.
    • Check the "Allow" checkbox under the "Full Control" option to
      enable all users to read and write the file MGLicense.txt.
    • Press "OK" to save the changes.

    MGInstallMultiuserMGLicenseA.png MGInstallMultiuserMGLicenseB.png MGInstallMultiuserMGLicenseC.png MGInstallMultiuserMGLicenseD.png MGInstallMultiuserMGLicenseE.png