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  • Pricing and purchasing

  • Macintosh Gatekeeper and plotting issues
    Macintosh gatekeeper issue:   If you encounter "damaged file" or "cannot open",
    Control-click   or   right-click   on   MotionGenesisStartHere   and choose   Open.
    Macintosh user: If you encounter plotting problems,
    • Ensure you have   Java JDK (not JRE)   installed on your computer.
    • To plot, you may also need to   download/install Quartz X11,   then logout, then re-login.
    • Double-click on   MotionGenesisStartHere   and type   Plot.
    • Click the   Function   button and try to plot a function.
    • Contact us if the plotter still does not work.

  • Using and running MotionGenesis
    Installation or licensing problems?   (click here)
      How do I   get started?       Is there   easy publication-quality plotting?    
      Are there   textbooks?       Is there   animation on Windows?    
    • Does MotionGenesis run on Windows and Macintosh OSX?   Yes
    • Does MotionGenesis run on Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.?   Yes - depending on the release
    • Is special hardware needed?   No
    • Can the MotionGenesis folder be moved to a USB chip and run off a USB port?
      Yes. However the MGLicense.txt file must correspond to the computer and user on which it runs.
    • Can I make MotionGenesis write files to a specified folder (directory)
      Yes. Use the command   SetWorkingDirectory

  • MotionGenesis-generated MATLAB®,   C,   and   Fortran   codes

  • Relocating the MotionGenesis folder to another drive or folder on PC/Windows computer
    1. Move the   MotionGenesis   folder to its new location.
    2. Browse to the relocated   MotionGenesis   folder
    3. Right-click on   MotionGenesisStartHere
    4. Select the   Shortcut   tab
    5. Change the   "Start in"   text-box   (as shown right)  
    6. Press OK
    7. Repeat for   "Start in"   for MotionGenesisTerminal  
    8. Change   "Target"   and   "Start in"   for   PlotGenesis   (shortcut)  
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  • To change the folder where MotionGenesis reads and writes files (e.g., for the RUN, SAVE, and ODE commands),   type:
    SetWorkingDirectory   C:\SomeFolder    (use appropriate syntax for Macintosh OSX or other operating system)
    where   C:\SomeFolder   is the path to the folder on your computer's hard-drive.
    Alternately, to more permanently change the working directory, edit the file
    MGDefaultPreferences.txt    that is located in the   MotionGenesis\MGToolbox   folder.

  • MotionGenesis™ Kane is Autolev-compatibility   (click here)

  • Unable to purchase: Duplicate receipt
    Sometimes when a credit-card purchase is made, (credit-card authorization company) will deny/reject a transaction because there is missing or incorrect information when the credit-card purchase was entered on the website. Usually, this means there is a small typo in one of the fields (e.g., a mis-typed name, address, e-mail address, credit-card number, etc.)

    We recommend you carefully double-check each field and verify their accuracy - and to wait two minutes before resubmitting their purchase. We do this because usually issues a message like the following if essentially the same order is submitted within two minutes:

    A duplicate transaction has been submitted.
    A transaction with identical amount and credit card information was submitted two minutes prior.
    Usually what this means is that   neither   order was accepted.
    It is usually best to wait 24 hours and then contact your credit card company.
    Please verify if a charge was made.   If you cannot resolve it with your credit-card company
    after 24 hours, you may want to then   contact Motion Genesis.

    Note: usually e-mails us a notification when a purchase is made.
    Although we cannot rapidly verify credit-card purchases, we can check our e-mail records.
    In our experience, it is highly likely that "duplicate transactions" means no purchase was made.
    We usually recommend that you find where an error was made and then resubmit your order.

  • Declined transactions
  • If you encounter a   declined transaction,   check with the credit-card issuer (probably a bank)
    to ensure your credit-card purchase has not been billed (or it has been refunded).

    There may be a delay in your bank's reissuing your credit.
    Transaction funds may be held for 24-48 hours (depending on card-type).
    However, some cards (e.g., American Express) may be as long as 30 days.

    Why a transaction may be declined:
    1. Transaction Status: Declined (Card declined by issuer - Contact card issuer to determine reason.)
      Reasons: Insufficient funds, exceeded daily limit, declined unrecognized transaction, others.
    2. Authorization with the card issuer was successful but the transaction was declined due to an address or zip-code
      mismatch with the address on file with the card issuing bank based on the settings in the Merchant Interface.
      Reason: Bank has a different address or zip-code on file (mismatch with the information you entered).
      Note: International cards do not have AVS (Address Verification Setting).

  • Other credit-card issues
  • If you have one e-mail receipt from us, please   do not   ask you credit-card company
    to deny or reverse credit for that one as it as it is the only one that makes sense.

    If you want us to help you locate a credit-card purchase/transaction, please e-mail   us   all the information you
    remember entering for the credit-card purchase   except   for the credit-card number and security code.
    For each MotionGenesis transaction/purchase, please send:
    1. Transaction ID
    2. Date of purchase/transaction
    3. Name of credit card used (e.g., Visa)
    4. Name on credit card
    5. Address for billing for credit card
    6. E-mail address that was designated for receiving receipt