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Question:    Why is MotionGenesis™ not constantly updated for Linux, Ubuntu, or CentOS?
Answer: We frequently update our software for PC/Windows and MacOSX.
  Some operating systems are less cost effective than PC/Windows and MacOSX.
  Costs to maintain MotionGenesis™ for each operating system include:
  • Purchase computers.
  • Purchase, install, and upgrade operating system.
  • Purchase, install, and upgrade compiler tools.
  • Purchase, install, and upgrade 3rd-party tools (Installers, Java, Gnuplot, ...).
  • Pay experts to develop end-user software for each operating system.
Purchase: Contact   Motion Genesis   to purchase a professional, research, or 8+ student
version of our software for non-PC/Windows or MacOSX operating systems.

For MotionGenesis™, the ratio of request for PC/Windows (or MAC OSX) to that of Linux/other operating system is approximately 300 to 1.   Updating Linux/other operating systems is more cost-effective for purchases that are significantly larger than a single-user student version.