MotionGenesis: Macintosh OSX Terminal Instructions Note: These directions are for creating an older .term file, not 100% accurate for newer .terminal file
  • Ensure your computer has a folder named MotionGenesis.
    (It may be in the Applications folder or at the root of the Macintosh Hard-Drive.)
    Ensure the MotionGenesis folder contains the proper files (e.g., MGToolbox, MotionGenesis binary executable, etc.).
  • Using the menu at the top of the computer screen, select   Go -> Utilities
  • From the utilities on the right, double click on   Terminal
  • Using the menu at the top of the computer screen, select  Terminal -> Window Settings
  • The   Terminal Inspector   should appear.
    Select the  Color   option and ensure good text/background contrast e.g.:
      •   Screen text  white   and background   dark blue.
    Select the  Window  option, enter dimensions of   84   columns and   35   rows.
    Set the title to   MotionGenesisStartHere
    Close (x) the  Terminal Inspector.
  • Using the menu at the top of the computer screen, select  File -> Save As
  • Next to Save As, enter   MotionGenesisStartHere
  • Before saving, check  Execute this command (specify complete path) , and enter
    cd /Applications/MotionGenesis;chmod a+x MotionGenesis;./MotionGenesis;exit

    Or if the MotionGenesis folder is at the root of the Macintosh Hard-Drive, type
    cd /MotionGenesis;chmod a+x MotionGenesis;./MotionGenesis;exit
  • Optional: Somewhere, try to ensure the terminal automatically closes if the shell exited cleanly.
  • Save the terminal in the  MotionGenesis  folder
  • Close   (x)   the MotionGenesis terminal

  • To start MotionGenesis, browse to the MotionGenesis folder and double click on  MotionGenesisStartHere.term
    (Note: Newer Macintosh OS (e.g., later than 2012) use .terminal files, so consider instead making  MotionGenesisStartHere.terminal.
  • To exit MotionGenesis, type   exit   at the MotionGenesis prompt.
    To exit the MotionGenesisStartHereTerminal, type   exit   at the OSX Unix prompt.

Optional:   click   here   or   here   for MacOSX zip/unzip help.
Optional:   click   here   for MacOSX installer .pkg help.