Get started: Sample mathematics

There are many built-in mathematical functions for real and complex numbers, e.g.,
Type   SetImaginaryNumber( i )    to define    i    as   sqrt(-1).
Type   Help MathFunctions   for a list of mathematical functions.
  someComplexNumber = sin(pi/4) + exp(3) + cosh(2) + abs(-3) + sqrt( ImaginaryNumber() )

Use the  Expand  command to eliminate parentheses, e.g.,

  p = Expand( (1+t)*(2+t^2)*(3+t^3) )
The response to this input is equal to
  p = 6 + 6*t + 3*t^2 + 5*t^3 + 2*t^4 + t^5 + t^6 
To evaluate   p   for  t = 2.3,  issue the command
  p23 = Evaluate( p,  t = 2.3 )
To find the ordinary time-derivative of   p,   enter
  derivative = Dt( p )
The 5 roots of the 5th-order polynomial in  DpDt  for   t   are calculated with
  roots = GetPolynomialRoots( DpDt, t, 5 )

To save input (for subsequent re-use) and/or input and output responses, type
Save   MathSampleCommands.txt
Save   MathSampleCommands.html

Exit the program by typing  Quit.

Try additional miscellaneous mathematical commands
Input commands MiscMathExamples.txt
Output responses MiscMathExamples.html