MotionGenesis: F=ma Software, textbooks, training, consulting. Solving linear algebraic equations

To symbolically solve the equations to the right, type

  Variable  x, y
  Eqn[1] = 2*x +  3*y  -  sin(t)
  Eqn[2] = 4*x +  5*y  -  cos(t)
  Solve( Eqn = 0, x, y )
The response to this Solve command is
  ->  x = 1.5*cos(t) - 2.5*sin(t)
  ->  y = 2*sin(t) - cos(t)
Set of equations that are linear in x and y

  2*x + 3*y   =   sin(t)  
  4*x + 5*y   =   cos(t)  

To save input (for subsequent re-use) and/or input and output responses, type
Save   SolveSampleLinearEqn.txt
Save   SolveSampleLinearEqn.html