MotionGenesis: F=ma Software, textbooks, training, consulting.      Electromechanical system (simple DC motor)

The schematic to the right shows a DC motor whose rotor and rigid attachments (modeled as a rigid body B) spin about a horizontal axis that is fixed in a Newtonian reference N.

Right-handed orthogonal unit vectors bx, by, bz are fixed in B with bz horizontally-right and aligned with B's spin axis in N.

Description   Symbol   Type
Armature resistance Rm   Constant  
Armature inductance Lm Constant
Motor torque constant km Constant
B's moment of inertia about Bcm for bz Izz Constant
bz measure of B's angular velocity in N   wm Variable
Current through motor im Variable
Input voltage vi Specified

The following files use both T = I 𝛂   and   GetDynamicsKane() to analyze the behavior of this simple electromechanical system.

Description File
MotionGenesis command file MotorWithRLCircuit.txt
MotionGenesis responses MotorWithRLCircuit.html
MATLABŪ code created by MotionGenesis MotorWithRLCircuit.m
MotionGenesis Motor with RL circuit schematic .jpg
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Motor angular speed vs. time
MotionGenesis Motor with RL circuit WvsT.jpg
Motor current vs. time
MotionGenesis Motor with RL circuit IvsT.jpg
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