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MotionGenesis files to form/solve rotational equations of motion for a rigid body (aircraft).  
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MotionGenesis Spin stability
  • This file generate exact equations of motion in symbolic form.
  • Produce expressions for angular momentum which are constant in magnitude and direction during simulation.
  • Use the ODE command to create a simulation data file.   Or use .m, .c, or .f to generate fast, compact, easy-to-use MATLABŪ, C, or Fortran.
  • Note: Simulation data can be graphed with MATLABŪ, MotionGenesis plotting, etc. (in various graphics formats, e.g., .gif, ,jpg, .eps).
This problem helps explain why ``flat spin'' is dangerous
for aircraft (it is difficult to pull-out of this stable motion),
why Explorer I (the first U.S. satellite) tumbled
(unstable rotational motion) in orbit around Earth, and the
Dzhanibekov effect from spin mostly with wy > 0 and when
Ixx < Iyy < Izz   and   (Iyy-Ixx)*(Izz-Iyy) is small.
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MotionGenesis Spin stability MotionGenesis Spin stability

Spin stability with orientation
Orientation via quaternions (Euler parameters):   Problem statement (.pdf)  
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Orientation via BodyXYZ angles
MotionGenesis dynamics (command file)     MotionGenesis program responses
MotionGenesis Weather Satellite (3D Rigid Body Spin Stability)