MotionGenesis: F=ma Software, textbooks, training, consulting. Advanced tutorial: Tennis ball with on/off forces
(top-spin, bounce, slide, roll, stop)

The tennis-ball shown right undergoes various motions, including free-fall, projectile motion with/without air-resistance, top-spin, back-spin, bounce with/without friction, sliding, rolling, and stopping. One way to model these many motions is to use forces capable of turning on and off at appropriate times.

Tennis Ball: Model and simulation experiments
Student version (.pdf) Instructor version (.pdf)

MotionGenesis Tennis ball
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MotionGenesis commands for F = m a
MotionGenesis program responses
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Forming and solving equation of motion with MotionGenesis™
  • Generates exact equations of motion in symbolic form.
  • Uses the ODE command to create/plot simulation data files.
  • Or, append an .m, .c, or .f extension to the filename to generate fast,
    efficient, extensible, easy-to-use MATLAB®, C, or Fortran codes.