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Vehicle skidding problem statement (.pdf)
Forces and motion with MotionGenesis™
Dynamics Kane embedded Program responses
MotionGenesis Vehicle skid schematic
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The file   MGVehicleSkidKaneEmbedded.txt   is a complete listing of MotionGenesis commands to:

  • Generate exact symbolic equations governing the vehicle's motion (Kane's method).
  • Generate symbolic linearized equations of motion for stability analysis.
  • Solve the nonlinear differential equations to the data file MGVehicleSkidKaneEmbedded.1
  • Plot the data file to create   VehicleSkidvVsTime.gif   or   VehicleSkidThetaVsTime.jpg
  • Record input and program responses in the file   MGVehicleSkidKaneEmbedded.html
  • Modify the file to:    ODE( DynamicEquations, v', theta'' ) MGVehicleSkidKaneEmbedded.m
    to generate the MATLAB® file MGVehicleSkidKaneEmbedded.m

MotionGenesis Vehicle skid plot of v vs. time
MotionGenesis Vehicle skid schematic MotionGenesis Vehicle skid schematic