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Sample problems

  1D motion   Projectiles(4) -- with air-resistance     Single pendulum(10)     Double(3)     Air/spacecraft spin stability     Angular momentum and gyros(4)  
MotionGenesis Sky Diver Parachute
MotionGenesis: Projectile motion with air-resistance and event handling
Event handling in MATLAB®
MotionGenesis Helicopter Retrieval (pendulum with time-dependent length) MotionGenesis Babyboot schematic MotionGenesis Spin stability MotionGenesis Ice skater (angular momentum) MotionGenesis Gyro with precession, nutation, and spin

  Stick/slip(2)   2D/3D Geometry(16)   Linkages/mechanisms     Rolling disks, unicycle, ...     One-wheel trailer     Rattleback (Dynamic Celt)  
StickSlipBPiqselsComCC0Cropped.jpg MGMicrophoneOnThreeCablesDistanceNoToQ.jpg OilPumpJackByAlegri4FreePhotoPublicDomainBEdited.jpg MotionGenesis Rolling disk dynamics MotionGenesis Bear on unicycle rolling on a high wire MotionGenesis Single wheel trailer MotionGenesis Rattleback Dynamic Celt Wobblestone

  Statics(5)     Simple control     Vehicle skid     Tricycle stability/control     Hexapod  
MotionGenesis: Bureau (chest of drawers) on inclined plane MotionGenesis: Rocket sled feed forward control MotionGenesis Vehicle Skid MotionGenesis Tricycle (Vehicle statics/dynamics) MotionGenesis Hexapod (Stewart Platform) Schematic

  Robotics(4)     Suspension bridge     Biomechanics     DC motor (resistance & inductance)     Mass/inertia  
MGSatelliteTrackerCourtesyDougSchwandtA.jpg MotionGenesis: Suspension bridge statics MotionGenesis: Biomechanics curling MotionGenesis DC Motor with resistance and inductance MotionGenesis Three plate mass and inertia properties