New: MotionGenesis Kane
Use the   OutputPlot   command to plot with MATLAB®
MotionGenesis™ Kane   is a   MATLAB® connections partner
MotionGenesis Kane is a MATLAB® connection partner.

PlotGenesis™   (MotionGenesis™ plotting)
  • Start MotionGenesis™ Kane.   At its command prompt, type     Plot
    To plot data from a file, click the   Data File   button and browse to that data file.
    To plot a function, click the   Function   button and enter the function.
  • Or drag and drop a data file onto   MotionGenesisStartHere
  • Windows only: Or double-click (or drop a data file) on the PlotGenesis™ icon
  • Macintosh plotting problem?
MotionGenesis Plotting (PlotGenesis)
Excel Plotting Tutorial

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MotionGenesis Plotting: Welcome screen
Click the  Help  button for detailed instructions.

Click the  Data File  button.   Add two curves from files that contain columns of data, to give
MotionGenesis Plotting two curves from two data files

Click the  View Graph  button and a plotting screen will appear.
More options (e.g., cut and paste) are available by right-mouse clicking on the plotting screen.
MotionGenesis Plotting: On-screen Gnuplots

To save the graph in postscript, gif, or Adobe illustrator format, click the  Save Graph  button which gives:
MotionGenesis Plotting: Save graph dialogue-box

To view the advanced options, click the  More  button.
MotionGenesis Plot with two curves from data files (full options)