PlotGenesis Functions, data, curve-fits, ...

Another way to start PlotGenesis is to drag and drop a data file onto  MotionGenesisStartHere
Or, from the operating system prompt, type one of the following:
MotionGenesis  Plot
MotionGenesis  dataFile.1  dataFile.2
MotionGenesis  dataFile.1[1, 2, 3](plots columns 2 and 3 vs. column 1).

MATLAB® Alternative: To solve an ODE and generate a plot with MATLAB®, start MotionGenesis and type the following:

Variable  y' = cos(t)
Input  y=0 meters,  tFinal=9 sec
OutputPlot  t seconds, y meters
ODE()  SolveODEAndPlotDemo.m

Next, start MATLAB®, ensure the file  SolveODEAndPlotDemo.m  is in the current working directory/folder, and run SolveODEAndPlotDemo.m, i.e., at the MATLAB® prompt, type SolveODEAndPlotDemo. A plot similar to the following should appear.

Click the Function button and enter a function.  Click the View graph button.
Click the Data File button. Add curves from data files. Click the View graph button.
To view advanced options, click the More button (e.g., to do a polar plot). To save the graph in a different format such as png, jpg, postscript, Adobe illustrator, click the Save Graph button.