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All sales are final.   Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Purchase policies (all products and services)
  • All sales are final. No returns.
  • Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  • Textbook purchases:
    If you are a student ordering a textbook, ensure your instructor has ordered the book or contact us.
    Otherwise, if you are ordering a textbook, contact us for shipping and/or other charges.
  • Software purchases:
    If you are tentative about a software purchase, request a demonstration copy.
    Software upgrades may apply some or all of their amortized cost to upgrade.
    Fees may be charged for software license transfers, extensions, and changes.

Software maintenance policy
  • Maintenance extends the license-period for currently-paid up licenses.
    Example: If 1-year maintenance is paid on a license expiring December 2018, the license is extended to December 2019.
  • Maintenance provides major version upgrades.
  • A 3-year license with 2-year maintenance provides upgrades for the first two years of the license.
  • A back-on-track fee may be charged to renew maintenance for significantly expired licenses.
  • Support varies with license, e.g., professional licenses are supported more than other licenses.
  • Support for Vanilla is basic - and less than Professional or Research licenses.
  • Support for student versions is minimal. Significant help is available at the Get Started webpage.
  • See the Professional/Research/Student Comparison Chart for more details.
  • Reasonable support is provided.   However, support is different than training or consulting.

  • Multi-year:   Professional maintenance   (prices subject to change without notice)
    Maintenance:   1 year
    Price: $885
    Maintenance:   2 years
    Price: $885 + $795 = $1680
    Maintenance:   3 years
    Price: $1680 + $725 = $2400
    Maintenance:   5 years
    Price: $2400 + $700*2 = $3800

Software license transfer policy
  • A license transfer moves a license from one computer to another.
  • The old license must be completely deleted and no longer used again.
  • License transfer is provided for customers with current maintenance.
  • License transfer fees are structured to discourage multiple licenses transfers within a few years.
    This may indicate a possible misuse, e.g., on multiple machines or by multiple users.
    Contact us for a discounted license transfer if you have extenuating circumstances.
    Percentage of maintenance cost
    1st-time: 25% 2nd-time: 50% 3rd-time: 75% 4th-time: 100%

Software license extension policy
  • A license extension extends the term of a license on its licensed computer.
  • Upon request, license extensions are freely provided for users on maintenance.
  • User's with elapsed maintenance may extend their licenses by
    • Paying the maintenance fee for the next year(s).
    • Paying a 40% back-on-track fee for elapsed maintenance.
      For example, the back-on-track fee for maintenance expired 18 months ago, is 60% of the maintenance fee
      Note: No back-on-track free is charged for maintenance that elapsed within the previous 2 months.

Sample End-User Software License Agreement