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Quirky news articles

  • (html) Humans lose concrete recipe for 1300 years!
  • (pdf) Humans lose critical heat-shielding recipe for re-entry to Earth!
  • (html) NASA looks for heat shields in Smithsonian museum
    "...according to the Orion program executive the Orion project originally intended to use the heat shield from the Apollo program as a fallback technology for the Orion thermal protection system, but was unable to recreate the Apollo material."
  • (link)   (pdf) NASA has trouble with Newton's Law -- as contrasted with better analysis at   (link)
  • (html) Chernobyl nuclear experiment (no accident?)


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Multitasking and academics

  Stanford multitasking study: "They're suckers for irrelevancy. Everything distracts them."   Multitasking: Perform worse, feel better.
  Multitasking and brain research (NPR)   Let kids (and the rest of us) be human
  MIT Technology Review: Cell phone equates to drunk driving   Multitasking: Second-hand smoke for learning.
  Facebook + texting + schoolwork = Negative GPA   Multitasking research and teaching: Adjunct faculty
  Relevant teaching? Volcanos, cars, and STEM   Standardized testing pros/cons
  Mis-education in America?   Modern family & stress.   The sorrows of young Palo Altans.   Data
  College ranking by value   B

Riddles for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

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Overcoming certainty: Which way will it roll?
Wordplay: The crossword Blog of the New York Times.
Click here for the solution to this dynamics puzzle (.pdf)
MotionGenesis - Roll that spool: Overcoming certainty