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MotionGenesis™ code generation
Control systems integration (MATLAB®)

MotionGenesis™ Kane is a MATLAB® Connections Partner.

MotionGenesis™ auto-generates   MATLAB®, C, Fortran   codes, making it easy to:
  • Modify integration parameters, initial values, constants, etc.
  • Modify MATLAB® plots created in response to the OutputPlot command.
  • Modify .m files for event handling (e.g., detecting ground contact)
  • Modify .m files for use with the MATLAB® controls and optimization toolboxes.
  • Run Monte-Carlo simulations to validate designs and test parameter sensitivity.

MotionGenesis™ code generation: MATLAB®, C, Fortran
  • Writes exceptionally fast and memory-optimized software programs.
  • Writes easy-to-use and modify MATLAB®, C, and Fortran codes.
  • Automated code input/output and enhanced units and unit conversions.
  • Improved algorithm for Code Nonlinear with MATLAB® codes.
  • Solves linear and nonlinear equations and sets proper initial values.
  • Solves constrained systems with embedded or augmented constraints.
  • Generates codes to solve coupled sets of linear/nonlinear algebraic and/or differential equations.
  • Introduces intermediate variables for small compact code and reduced operations count.
  • Symbolically pre-optimizes code for high-speed, low-memory, in-the-loop hardware.
  • Incorporate numerical integration checking functions for monitoring simulation accuracy.
MotionGenesis Code Generation and Control-Systems Integration
MotionGenesis F=ma Code Generation and Control-Systems Integration

Built-in vectors, geometry, physics, and code-generation

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