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MotionGenesis™ symbolic and numeric math
Geometry, vectors, tensors, kinematics, ...
Also linear algebra, complex numbers, ODEs, ... (writes MATLAB® .m files)

  • Automatically simplifies scalars, matrices, vectors, ...
  • Symbolic differentiation (partial and ordinary derivatives).
  • Solves sets of linear and nonlinear differential equations (ODEs).
  • Solves linear algebraic equations (symbolic and numeric matrix algebra).
  • Solves sets of nonlinear algebraic equations.
  • Evaluates expressions with real and complex numbers and/or symbolic expressions.
  • Recursively evaluates scalar, vector, and matrix expressions (symbolically or numerically).
  • Extensive unit conversions with updated NIST conversion factors
  • Factors a linear or quadratic expressions or expands parentheses.
  • ImaginaryNumber names sqrt(-1) for reporting results of complex calculations.
  • Finds roots of polynomials (real and complex solutions) -- e.g., quadratic equations.
  • Performs multi-variable Taylor series expansions.
  • Automatically introduces new symbols for highly-efficient calculations
  • Large library of standard built-in functions (or create your own external functions)
    abs   exp    log   log10   Factorial  Squared  sqrt   Spline
    cos   sin    tan   cosh    sinh       tanh     acos   asin   atan   atan2
    ceil  floor  int   round   sign       max      min
    cosDegrees   sinDegrees    tanDegrees acosDegrees     ...    atan2Degrees
MotionGenesis Advanced symbolic computation
Matrices, linear algebra, and eigenanalysis
  • Adds, multiplies, and inverts matrices; computes determinants, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors.
  • Extracts elements, rows, columns, and ranges of rows and columns from matrices.
  • Creates matrix representations of vectors and dyadics, and vice-versa.
  • Use matrices to solve linear and nonlinear sets of algebraic equations.
  • Use matrices to solve sets of differential equations (linear/nonlinear).
  • Create and use your own external matrix commands or use built-in commands, e.g.,
    GetColumns   GetDeterminant      GetDiagonalMatrix   GetEigen
    GetElement   GetIdentityMatrix   GetInverse          GetRows   GetSVD
    GetTrace     GetTranspose        GetZeroMatrix       Matrix    Convolve

MotionGenesis™ Kane is a MATLAB connection partner.

Built-in vectors, geometry, physics, and code-generation
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