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OutputPlot:   Create output and plot.
Example: To create an Output file and plot the results (directly from MGKane or from MATLAB®) type:
OutputPlot    t seconds,  x meters,  y meters,  TotalEnergy  Joules
Note: Issue the OutputPlot before issuing the ODE command.
Constant:   Declaration with Input value
Example 1: To declare   g   as a Constant and set its Input value to   9.8 m/s^2,   type:
Constant    g = 9.8  m/s^2 
Example 2: To declare the Constant   mB   as the mass of Particle or RigidBody B and set its Input value, type
B.SetMass(  mB = 10 kg )
To declared the Constant   IBxx   as RigidBody B's moment of inertia about Bcm (B's center of mass) and set its Input value, type
B.SetInertia( Bcm,  IBxx = 2 kg*m^2,   IByy = 3 kg*m^2,   IBzz = 4 kg*m^2 )
EvaluateToNumber   and   EvaluateAtInput
Example: To evaluate the expression fred (scalar, vector, matrix, ...) with Input values   and x = 2 m/s,   y = 2 m/s,   etc.,   type:
joe = EvaluateToNumber( fred,  x = 2 m/s,  y = 3 m/s,  theta = 30 degrees )
Experimental: MGView animates objects (video)
Note: Use the Animate command.
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