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Release notes
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Release notes January 2019
Code generation: C, Fortran, MATLAB®  
• Professional users have a more permissive (less restrictive) license for redistribution.
• C code has extensive improvements, including error reporting and code-flow.
• Auto-generated MATLAB® code has improvements to calling .m files with arguments.
• Generate more modern Fortran code with  .f  extension (or use  .for  extension for backward compatibility).
Ease of use:  
• Type   Help   for new searchable html help   (no Internet access required).
• Type   Save filename.html   to save the program's input & output in .html format.
• Many more   Get-started examples.
• Streamlined Macintosh installation.
• Significant enhancements to user notes, warnings, and error messages.
• Improved ordering of mass and inertia constants in an expression (e.g., g*m is now displayed as m*g).
• Improved display of near-integer numbers (e.g., 0.99999999999999).
• Type   License   to find the location of the currently installed license.
• Type   PlotTest   to test plotting compatibility.
• Many other ease-of-use enhancements.
Syntax:   The syntax of several commands have been unified and simplified. For example,
Help roots
Unifies help for GetPolynomialRoots, GetQuadraticRoots, GetCubicRoots, GetQuarticRoots, GetQuinticRoots,
GetPolynomial, GetQuadraticPolynomial, GetCubicPolynomial, SolveQuadraticPositiveRoot SolveQuadraticPositiveRootDt, ...
Previous release notes
OutputPlot:   Create output and plot.
To create an Output file and plot the results (directly from MGKane or from MATLAB®) type:
OutputPlot    t seconds,  x meters,  y meters,  TotalEnergy  Joules
Note: Issue the OutputPlot before issuing the ODE command.
Constant:   Declaration with Input value
To declare   g   as a constant and set its Input value to   9.8 m/s^2,   type:
Constant    g = 9.8  m/s^2 
To declare   mB   as the mass of Particle or RigidBody B and set its Input value to 10 kg, type
B.SetMass(  mB = 10 kg )    %  mB is a constant
To declare   IBxx   as RigidBody B's moment of inertia about Bcm (B's center of mass) and set its Input value, type
B.SetInertia( Bcm,  IBxx = 2 kg*m^2,  IByy = 3 kg*m^2,  IBzz = 4 kg*m^2 )  % IBxx is a constant
EvaluateToNumber   and   EvaluateAtInput   (for scalar, vector, matrix, and other expressions)
To evaluate the expression fred with previously assigned Input values and x = 2 m/s, y = 2 m/s, theta = 30 degrees, type:
joe = EvaluateToNumber( fred,  x = 2 m/s,  y = 3 m/s,  theta = 30 degrees )
Experimental: MGView animates objects (video)
Note: Use the Animate command.
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