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Units and unit conversions
  MotionGenesis™ Kane is a MATLAB connection partner.

  • Extensive units capabilities and conversions between complex combinations of units
  • Units can be assigned to input or output quantities, e.g., for   MATLAB®,   C,   Fortran.
  • Integrates with the   Evaluate,   Solve,   ODE,   Algebraic,   ... commands.
  • Set units with the Input or Output commands.
  • Numerical conversion factors with the ConvertUnits command.
  • Updated with NIST/CODATA 2006 data.
Mass      Length      Time      Angle     
Velocity      Angular velocity      Frequency      Acceleration     
Force      Pressure and stress      Work and energy      Power     
Area      Volume      Charge      Electrical     
Unit prefixes      Dimensionless units       
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 MASS  --------------------------------------------
 AtomicMassUnit   AMU
 gram             grams            g
 metricTon        metricTons       tonne
 Grain            Grains
 Ozm              OunceMass
 Lbm              PoundMass
 Slug             Slugs
 ShortTon         ShortTons
 LongTon          LongTons
 LENGTH  ------------------------------------------
 fermi            fermis
 angstrom         angstroms
 micron           microns
 meter            meters           m
 astronomicalUnit astronomicalUnits
 parsec           parsecs
 lightYear        lightYears
 Mil              Mils
 Inch             Inches           In
 Foot             Feet             Ft
 Yard             Yards            Yd       Yds
 Fathom           Fathoms
 Rod              Rods
 Chain            Chains
 Furlong          Furlongs
 Mile             Miles            Mi
 NauticalMile     NauticalMiles
 TIME  --------------------------------------------
 second           seconds          sec      secs     s
 minute           minutes          min      mins
 hour             hours            hr       hrs
 day              days
 week             weeks
 year             years
 decade           decades
 century          centuries
 ANGLE  -------------------------------------------
 arcSecond        arcSeconds       arcSec   arcSecs
 arcMinute        arcMinutes       arcMin   arcMins
 degree           degrees          deg      degs
 radian           radians          rad      rads
 revolution       revolutions      rev      revs
 hertz            hz
 VELOCITY  ----------------------------------------
 Knot             Knots
 lightSpeed       speedOfLight
 ACCELERATION  ------------------------------------
 gravity          gs
 FORCE  -------------------------------------------
 dyne             dynes
 newton           newtons          n
 OunceForce       Ozf
 PoundForce       Lbf
 kip              kips
 PRESSURE AND STRESS  -----------------------------
 pascal           pascals          Pa
 bar              bars
 atmosphere       atmospheres
 torr             torrs
 WORK AND ENERGY  ---------------------------------
 electronVolt     electronVolts    eV       eVs
 erg              ergs
 joule            joules           J
 calorie          calories
 BTU              BTUs
 Therm            Therms
 POWER  -------------------------------------------
 watt             watts            w
 HorsePower       HP
 AREA  --------------------------------------------
 barn             barns
 darcy            darcys
 Acre             Acres
 hectare          hectares
 VOLUME  ------------------------------------------
 liter            liters
 stere            steres
 Drop             Drops
 TeaSpoon         TeaSpoons        Tsp
 TableSpoon       TableSpoons      Tbs
 FluidOunce       FluidOunces
 Cup              Cups
 Pint             Pints
 Quart            Quarts
 Gallon           Gallons
 Peck             Pecks
 Bushel           Bushels
 Barrel           Barrels
 Cord             Cords
 CHARGE  ------------------------------------------
 electron         electrons
 coulomb          coulombs
 ELECTRICAL  --------------------------------------
 amp              amps
 volt             volts
 ohm              ohms
 farad            farads
 henry            henrys
 DIMENSIONLESS OR UNNAMED  ------------------------
 dimensionless    none             NoUnits  1
 unit             units

Unit prefixes and associated values:
 yocto           1.0E-24
 zepto           1.0E-21
 atto            1.0E-18
 femto           1.0E-15
 pico            1.0E-12
 nano            1.0E-09
 micro           1.0E-06
 milli   m       1.0E-03
 centi   c       1.0E-02
 deci            1.0E-01
 deka            1.0E+01
 hecto           1.0E+02
 kilo    k       1.0E+03
 mega            1.0E+06
 giga            1.0E+09
 tera            1.0E+12
 peta            1.0E+15
 exa             1.0E+18
 zetta           1.0E+21
 yotta           1.0E+24

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