MotionGenesis: F=ma Software, textbooks, training, consulting.
MotionGenesis Technical Support

MotionGenesis has a variety of technical support services.
  • Online Help -- type HELP at the program's command prompt.
  • Extensive   "Get Started"   help on our website.
  • Textbooks: Professional documentation for dynamics and controls
  • Consulting: Expert assistance for forces and motion
  • Training: Work more effectively using MotionGenesis
MotionGenesis Question?

Difficulties with MotionGenesis usually fall into several categories:
  • Installation or licensing problems:
    After doing the   step-by-step instructions,   please call or e-mail   MotionGenesis.

  • Feature requests: Submit your feature for evaluation
    Please e-mail your request to   MotionGenesis.

  • Segmentation fault: The program quits unexpectedly.
    After clearly documenting the line that causes the segmentation fault,
    please e-mail the commented MotionGenesis file to   MotionGenesis.

  • Definite computational error: MotionGenesis produces an incorrect result (very rare).
    After clearly documenting the location of the error,
    please e-mail the commented MotionGenesis file to   MotionGenesis.

  • Possible computational error: You suspect that MotionGenesis produces an incorrect result.
    After clearly documenting the possible error (include a problem description and schematic/picture)
    please e-mail the commented MotionGenesis file, problem description, and schematic to   MotionGenesis.

  • Documentation error: Please e-mail the offending text to   MotionGenesis.