Dynamics Online: Theory and Implementation with Autolev™
By Thomas Kane and David Levinson © 2000

This textbook and accompanying ten problem sets present an essentially new approach to problem solving in dynamics, an approach involving extensive computerized symbol manipulation performed with Autolev (MotionGenesis Kane).

The book is intended for senior undergraduate and graduate students. Dynamics theory is set forth in chapters entitled Vector Operations, Kinematics, Mass Distribution, Forces, Equations of Motion, and Energy and Momentum Considerations.

No prior knowledge of Autolev (MotionGenesis™ Kane) is required since instruction in the use of the program is an integral part of the text.

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Dynamics Online: Theory and Implementation with Autolev™
For professional engineers/graduate work. By Thomas Kane and David Levinson
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Total: 418 pages.   4-color cover page.
Grayscale pages of theory, examples, front matter, homework problems (with answers).
Plastic wire binding, clear mylar front cover and black mylar back cover.
Purchase includes 2-year MotionGenesis™ Kane Student software.
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Solution Manual for Problem Sets for Dynamics Online (© 2000, 63 pages)
Solution manual is only available to instructors and professionals.
Discounted books/software may be provided to instructors after classroom adoption.
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MotionGenesis™ Kane is Autolev Compatible
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MotionGenesis™ Kane is a MATLAB® connection partner.

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