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Desk-copy policy for instructors
considering textbook adoption
MotionGenesis Textbooks

  • We do not provide free textbooks   before   classroom adoption.
  • Free or discounted books/software may be provided to instructors   after   classroom adoption.
  • Although free textbooks are typical for large publishers, our print-on-demand has a different business model.
    We print on demand, and each four-color instructor book takes significant time and cost to produce and ship.
    If you have exceptional budgetary constraints, please contact us .
  • We support some   customization   (e.g., notation and content) of the textbooks listed below.
  • Included with textbook purchase is a student license of   MotionGenesis™ Kane.
  • Contact us   for more information. We look forward to working with you.

Table of contents and first review chapters and homeworks are provided for each book below.
MotionGenesis Textbook: Dynamics of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomechanical Systems (for undergraduates)

MotionGenesis Textbook: Advanced Dynamics and Motion Simulation

MotionGenesis Textbook: Control, vibration, and design of dynamic systems