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MotionGenesis: F=ma Textbooks for dynamics, simulation, and control of mechanical, aerospace, and biomechanical systems
MotionGenesis Dynamics Textbook: Vector basics (pdf)   Homeworks 1 & 2 (vector basics -- pdf).
MotionGenesis Dynamics Textbook: Table of Contents (pdf) Advanced Dynamics & Simulation: Syllabus (.pdf) Dynamics of Mechanical, Aerospace, Bio/Robotic Systems: Textbook advantages/teaching philosophy (pdf)
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MotionGenesis Other textbooks for dynamics, simulation, and control of mechanical, aerospace, and biomechanical systems
Part Student worksheet (.pdf) Instructor worksheet (.pdf) More
Intro MIPSI for classroom display
Intro MIPSI Pendulum (2D) MIPSI Pendulum (2D) Simulation+
Intro MIPSI Chaotic pendulum MIPSI Chaotic pendulum
Simulation+   MotionGenesis Babyboot schematic
Concept Vocabulary+ for F = ma Same as student Courtesy Dr. Buff Furman
Chap 2 Vector basics Same as student
Hw 0 Concept test   F = ma Overcoming certainty Overcoming certainty
Hw 1-2 Hw 1 & 2: Vector review In instructor textbook Hw Microphone (Jacobs)
Hw 4 Angle/rotation matrix (basics) In instructor textbook
Hw 5 Differentiation review In instructor textbook
Hw 6 Angular velocity concepts In instructor textbook
Hw 7 Velocity concepts In instructor textbook
Hw 7 Swinging beam? Swinging beam
Hw 8 Constraints/rolling concepts In instructor textbook
Hw 8+ Degrees of freedom In instructor textbook
Chap 10 Particle vocabulary/formulas To do
Hw 9 Particle concepts In instructor textbook
Hw 10 Moments/products of inertia In instructor textbook
Hw 10 Dynamic Celt Lab In instructor textbook
Simulation+   DynamicCeltRattlebackPhotoCropped.jpg
Misc Rigid body vocabulary/formula To do
Hw 11 3D rigid body spin-stability In instructor textbook
Simulation+   NASAF15PhotoMojaveDesert1997Cropped.jpg
Hw 11 Gyro simulation Gyro simulation
Hw 11 Biomechanics muscle/curl Biomechanics muscle/curl Problem statement
Chap 16 Etymology of force  (just fun) Etymology of force  (just fun)
Hw 12 Forces and statics In instructor textbook
Hw 13 Moment, torque, statics In instructor textbook
Hw 13 Beam cable length? Beam cable length
Chap 15 Rigid-body pendulum (2D) Rigid-body pendulum (2D)
Simulation+   MotionGenesis RigidBodyPendulumSchematic.png
Hw 14 FBDs and F = ma In instructor textbook
Hw 15 Rotational dynamics In instructor textbook
Hw 16 Power, work, energy In instructor textbook
Chap 21 MG Road-maps (intro) Same as student
Chap 21
MG road-maps: 12 examples
Or with MotionGenesis commands
MG road-maps: 12 examples
Or with MotionGenesis commands
Baseball+   MotionGenesis Projectile Motion
Pendulum+   MotionGenesis RigidBodyPendulumSchematic.png
Spin stability+   MotionGenesis: 3D Rigid Body Spin Stability
Babyboot+   MotionGenesis Babyboot schematic
Ice-skater+   MotionGenesis Ice skater example
Gyro/turntable+   MotionGenesis Human on turntable with gyro
High-wire bear+   MotionGenesis Bear on unicycle rolling on a high wire
4-bar linkage+   MotionGenesis Four-bar linkage
Chap 24 Particle pendulum MIPSI   (dynamic analysis with multiple methods)
Simulation+   MotionGenesis: Particle pendulum simulation
Chap 25 Inverted pendulum on cart (with blanks)
Hw 17 MIPSI Simulation
Overcoming certainty - which way will it roll?
Dynamics puzzle: New York Times
Dynamics puzzle solution (.pdf)
Veritasium roll spool video: Watch & guess
MotionGenesis - Roll that spool: Overcoming certainty
Left     Depends     Right
MotionGenesis instruction videos  (playlist by Adam Leeper)    MotionGenesis Dynamics Videos
1    MotionGenesis: Installation and license  (Adam Leeper)
2    MotionGenesis: Overview and documentation  (Adam Leeper)
e    MotionGenesis: Help & running scripts  (Eric Wang)
e    MotionGenesis: Frame and vector commands  (Eric Wang)
3    **Optional** MotionGenesis workspace  (Adam Leeper)
4    Calculus: The "good" product rule  (Adam Leeper)
5 Vector dot product: Definition  (Adam Leeper)
6 Vector dot product: Properties  (Adam Leeper)
7 Vector dot product: Example  (Adam Leeper)
a **Review** Vector dot product  (Adam Leeper)
8 Vector cross product: Definition  (Adam Leeper)
9 Vector cross product: Properties  (Adam Leeper)
10 Vector cross product: Orthogonal unit vectors  (Adam Leeper)
Hw 3D Microphone location  (Jacobs)
11 Vector geometry 1: Vector loop equation homework  (Leeper)
12 Vector geometry 2: Solve nonlinear equations  (Leeper)
13 Rotation matrices & spherical coordinates  (Hw problem -- Leeper)
e    MotionGenesis: Vectors (express, rotate, differentiate)  (Eric Wang)
e MotionGenesis: Rotation matrices  (Eric Wang)
e MotionGenesis: Rotate, differentiate, express vectors  (Eric Wang)
e MotionGenesis: Kinematical differential equations  (Eric Wang)