Dynamics of Mechanical, Aerospace, Bio/Robotic Systems
School-to-work   School-to-research   Guided   (for undergraduates)   MotionGenesis: F=ma Textbooks for dynamics, simulation, and control of mechanical, aerospace, biomechanical, and robotic systems
The invention of vectors by Gibbs circa 1900 radically simplified geometry and 3D force and motion analysis. The invention of personal computers circa 1980 radically changed human ability to form, solve, and visualize   F = m a.

Theory: This textbook provides concise theory, examples, definitions, and 2D/3D formulas for rotation matrices, angular velocity, angular acceleration, position, velocity, acceleration, mass, inertia, force, torque, and road-maps (enhanced free-body-diagrams) for forming equations of motion.

Problems: The book contains 310+ interactive problems with thousands of guided steps.

Outcome: Ability to form equations with Newton, Euler, momentum, and energy methods -- and solve their associated linear/nonlinear algebraic/differential equations (e.g., with   MATLAB®   or   MotionGenesis™).

Use: This dynamics material has trained engineering students at Stanford, Harvey Mudd, Lehigh, San Jose State SJSU, Tufts, Florida State FAMU/FSU (Tallahassee & Panama), U.Florida (Gainesville), U.Nevada/Reno, U.Missouri/Kansas City, U.Texas/Austin, U.Illinois, Santa Clara, West Point USMA, York College, LeTourneau, Western New England University, Bucknell, Cal State Northridge, Temple University, Université de Sherbrooke, Rice University, U.Denver, U.Penn, ... and many force and motion experts in government and industry.

MotionGenesis Mitiguy Undergraduate Dynamics Textbook: F=ma resources
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Interactive and guided.
Homework is interactive and guided so students continually make progress and steadily succeed. The 310+ meaningful problems are synthesized via small intelligible steps to reduce frustration, promote confidence that dynamics is more than a "bunch of tricks", and provide a positive learning experience. Instruction is effective (empowering students with useful skills ) and efficient (high-quality, focused interaction).

School-to-work skills.
Engineers are motivated to learn when they solve interesting relevant problems and acquire professional skills. The interactive guided problems lead students step-by-step through a complicated procedure so they synthesize the problem-solving process and ultimately arrive at a physically significant and satisfying result. The problems in this textbook come from a wide range of engineering including aerospace, robotics, bioengineering, computer graphics, automotive, machine design, and controls.

Spaced repetition is a key to success.   William James (1899)
"You now see why “cramming” must be so poor a mode of study. Cramming seeks to stamp things in by intense application immediately before the ordeal. But a thing thus learned can form but few associations. On the other hand, the same thing recurring on different days, in different contexts, read, recited on, referred to again and again, related to other things and reviewed, gets well wrought into the mental structure. This is the reason why you should enforce on your pupils habits of continuous application."

Dynamics for Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomechanical Engineers
School-to-work   School-to-research   Guided   ...  (For undergraduates).    By Paul Mitiguy

Total: 332 pages.   Plastic wire binding, plastic front/back cover.
144 pages of theory and examples (4-color).
  MotionGenesis: Advanced Dynamics & Simulation Textbook: F=ma resources
188 pages of 310+ guided examples/homework problems (4-color instructor, grayscale students).
Textbook description (page count, binding, etc.) is approximate and subject to change without notice.
Purchase includes 3-year  MotionGenesis™ software  ( MATLAB® connections partner).
MotionGenesis Other textbooks for dynamics, simulation, and control of mechanical, aerospace, biomechanical, and robotic systems
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