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MotionGenesis Learning Lab (K-20)
STEAM training  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)
Contact Motion Genesis   to schedule training, with estimates for the following:
  • Event type (e.g., summer STEAM or ongoing academic training).
  • Learning styles (e.g., kinesthetic, spatial, oratory, auditory, cognitive, visual).
  • Preferred schedule (several options are ideal).
  • Desired number of participants and age-ranges.
  • Estimated budget.
  • Credit card purchase with valid quote.
MotionGenesis contact information

Individual and small-group curriculum. Options may include:  
Math tutoring Concepts, calculations, context (application).
Math games, puzzles, and skills    Kinesthetic and spatial expertise. Outdoor activities.
Active minds & bodies Optimization via physical activity and brain/body learning.
Hands-on engineering Experiments and labs.
Design-thinking Empathy, define, ideate/brainstorm, prototype, test, iterate.
CAD/CAE training Draw-it,   move-it,   break-it,   control-it.
Coding for STEAM Graphics, math, and engineering.
Business math Microsoft Excel and Google docs.
Business technology Articulate presentations: Graphics, video, music, humor.
Music Music theory and performance skills.