Dynamics videos
  Slinky-drop. (extended).     Spinning tube. (explained)     Spinning disk. (explained). (funny).     Chain drop. (explained).  
  Newton's 3rd law     Gyroscopic precession     Gryo defying gravity. (cool gyro).     Magnus forces  
  Car crash Mythbuster     Penny drop Mythbuster     Bungee-jump accel. (explained). (more).     Bullet-block. (explained).  
  Minute physics     Astronauts & gravity     Spool roll. (left). (depends). (right).     3 incorrect laws of motion  
  Veritasium. (magic).     Boomerang physics     Cup: Spin/slip/roll stand-up     Sailboat physics. (KQED).  
  Foucault pendulum     Roll-back can     Center of mass. B. C.     Random/various  
  Tree-fall     Leg-powered Wagon     Homemade windmills     3-body orbits  
  Mechanisms     Differential gears     Pulling water up tree     Pumpkin chunkin. (King Arthur).  
  Newton's cradle     Bullet ballistics     Ping-pong/tennis/basket-ball bounce     Golf-ball compression. B. C.  
  Amazing Car Tricks     Big dog robot     Honda-Rube Goldberg     Pool table tricks  
  Car engines     Jet engines     MacAskill: BMX tricks     Apollo 11 launch  
  Helicopter actuation     Helicopter aliasing     Rolling: Rack & pinion     Constraints: 4-minutes  
  Rattleback/celt. A. B.     Spinning disk (Euler)     Spinning ring (Conan O'Brien). (3 minutes).   Gyro-ring  
  Rotor on shaft. A. B. C.   Spinning body. A. B. C. D. E. F.   Trifilar pendulum     Gimbal lock. A. B.  
  Astro-blaster. A.   Happy/sad balls. A. B.   Rocket-launch failure. A.   Euler, Newton. B.
  Cyr rolling hoop dance   Monocopter