Dynamics videos
  Slinky-drop (extended)     Spinning tube (explained)     Spinning disk (explained) (funny)     Chain drop (explained)  
  Newton's 3rd law     Gyroscopic precession     Gryo defying gravity   (cool gyro)     Magnus forces  
  Car crash Mythbuster     Penny drop Mythbuster     Bungee-jump accel (explained) (more)     Bullet-block (explained)  
  Minute physics     Astronauts & gravity     Spool roll   (left) (depends) (right)     3 incorrect laws of motion  
  Veritasium (magic)     Boomerang physics     Cup: Spin/slip/roll stand-up     Sailboat physics (KQED)  
  Foucault pendulum     Roll-back can     Center of mass A B C     Random/various  
  Tree-fall     Leg-powered Wagon     Homemade Windmills     3-body orbits  
  Mechanisms     Differential gears     Pulling water up tree     Pumpkin chunkin (King Arthur)  
  Newton's cradle     Bullet ballistics     Ping-pong/tennis/basket-ball bounce     Golf-ball compression   B   C  
  Amazing Car Tricks     Big Dog Robot     Honda- Rube Goldberg     Pool Table Tricks  
  Car engines     Jet engines     MacAskill: BMX Tricks     Apollo 11 Launch  
  Helicopter actuation     Helicopter aliasing     Rolling: Rack & pinion     Constraints: 4-minutes  
  Rattleback/celt     Spinning disk (Euler)     Spinning ring (Conan O'Brien) (3 minutes)   Gyro-ring  
  Rotor on shaft A B C   Spinning body A B C D E F   Trifilar pendulum     Gimbal lock A B  
  Astro-blaster   A   Happy/sad balls A B   Rocket-launch failure   A   Euler, Newton B
  Cyr rolling hoop dance   Monocopter